3 Indicators that your Keto-Diet Plan is working!

Losing weight by following Ketogenic (High-fat, moderate protein, and zero carb) diet is now-a-days considered by many. It is known to be a healthy as well as effective way of losing weight as long as it is followed with a strict discipline. The principle behind this process is that the body uses and burns the fat as a fuel instead of the carbohydrates as you are limiting the latter.

While it is highly effective, it is also a challenging way to shed some weight. You might be getting regular urge to dig your teeth into those carbohydrates every now and then. But if you could resist that and follow the plan to the T, you will be on the right path to your goal.

Here, we bring 3 signs that indicate that your keto-diet plan is working and that you are on your way to losing some Kgs. Here we go.

Tiredness at the Start

As soon as you start following the keto-diet and shed the carbohydrates in your meal plan, you will be a feeling consistently tired. That is not something you should worry about as it is quite normal. Just keep your workout intensity on the lower side until your body recovers. You will be feeling fine in two to three weeks.

A Bit Crampy

Even if you have lowered your workout intensity, you might be getting a few cramps across your limbs as your body may not be getting the necessary minerals from the carbohydrates that prevent cramps. Foods like Leafy green vegetables, nuts, avocado, and seeds will prevent that from happening to a good extent.

Feeling Constipated

When you regularly have carbohydrates, your body converts them into glycogen which carries a lot of water content. When you follow a Keto-diet, your body will be deprived of the necessary water content and it makes digestion and excretion process harder for you. The only solution is to intake more water than you usually do.

If you could overcomes these challenges and control your cravings, there’s no reason why you could not achieve your weight loss goal. Of course, you should be implementing this plan along with the right workout and exercise plan to be effective!