3 Machine Workouts for Building Strong and Muscular Chest

Wondering which gym equipment are the best for your chest-workouts? Here are 3 machine workouts that will aid you in develop strong and muscular chests.

Cable Station Workouts

This, in fact, is a machine that can engage almost all your muscle groups. But with cable cross station, you have the opportunity to work your chest to the core. It enables you to hit your chest from different angles and build a balanced strength and power across.

Horizontal Chest Presses

While there are many different horizontal chest press machines, a seated chest press machine that will allow to press horizontally will work your chest effectively. The best thing about this machine is its locked path of travel. It makes your chest engage at the maximum level while limiting the involvement of shoulders to the minimum. You can also target different chest areas by pressing horizontally and executing standard vertical bench press while you are lying down.

Pec-Deck Machine

The key to efficient reps are contractions and stretches executed right. And this Pec-Deck machine is something that offers both. The machine isolates the chest which allows you to squeeze the pecs hard. It also enables you to execute pec-stretch effectively making it one of the best exercises to engage your chest!

Let your personal trainer guide you in how to execute cross-overs or machine presses from different positions to ensure an efficient workout. It is recommended to have an experienced mind guide you even for machine presses as an incorrect form or technique could lead to injuries.

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