4 Simple Workouts You Can Do With Your Partner

A workout session with your beloved is always a great time especially if you both are fitness lovers or if you are interested to pursue your fitness goals together. You can always motivate, learn, and push each other to accomplish your individual goals while the routine itself creates a stronger bond between you both.

If you are a couple who’s planning to embark on a journey of regular workout routine together, then here are 4 simple workouts you can begin with!

The Warm-Up

Every workout session needs the ideal warm-up routine to loosen up your muscles and limbs in order to make way for an efficient session. This light jumps and squat routine would be ideal for you.

Face each other and light jump for 8 counts. Follow the set of jumps with a wide deep squat. It is important to engage your abs while you do the squats. Make sure that you lift your chest and keep your upper body in a straight/vertical position (don’t lean forward) during the squats. If you are a beginner, start with 10 reps and gradually increase them to 20 reps per session.

The High-Five Push Ups

Commence push-ups along with your partner on your side. After every single push up, make a high five with your partner (If you are on the right side, then your right hand high-fives your partner’s left hand). After 10 reps, switch sides and repeat!

The High-Five Jump Squats

This routine starts you two in a squat position with your backs to other. Jump towards each other and make a high-five with both your hands. Jump back to your original squat position and repeat. Do 10 reps (if you are a beginner) and swap sides. You can gradually build the reps to 20 as you progress.

The Balance Act

This is a simple exercise where you need to balance and support each other. Both of you will be standing on one leg beside each other holding your hands. (If you are on the right side, you will be holding your partner’s right hand with your left hand. Your left legs will be the support). Lift the other leg, lower it back, and repeat. Do this for 30 seconds, then switch sides, and repeat the same with the other leg.)

Aren’t these simple, fun, and effective workouts to implement alongside your partner? Well then, you are all set for a lovely workout date!

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