4 Ways Exercise Can Save You from Tobacco Addiction

The health effects of smoking or addiction to tobacco are endless. From tooth yellowing to fatal heart diseases and cancer, this habit is one of the major causes of deaths across the globe and the numbers are always on the rise. Many of those who are addicted to smoking, despite wanting to shed the habit, are unable to do so. This is not because there is no solution, but just because they are not searching it right. And the answer is as simple as it can be – Yes, It’s Exercise!

Some of you might wonder how exercise can help you get rid of the habit. For those you who are looking for that motivation, here are 4 ways exercise can save you from tobacco addiction and its effects.

Healthy Replacement to Tackle Stress

Be it professional stress or personal issues, the first instinct for those are addicted to smoking as soon as they are under a stressful or challenging situation is to reach for a puff of smoke. Exercise can act as a healthy replacement for this habit as it produces the much needed endorphins in your brain which calms you and relieves you of anxiety.

No Gain – No Pain!

One of the common fears among those who are planning to quit smoking is that they would gain unwanted weight after quitting. Well, if you make exercise a part of your routine, it regulates your appetite and ensures that you do not over-eat!

Purpose and Self-Esteem

Working out regularly will give you a purpose and a goal. It increases the awareness of your own body and motivates you to take care of it as much as you can. It keeps you away from the thoughts of smoking. It’s a great way to build self-esteem and integrate confidence in your daily life.

Breathe Easy

Exercise helps your lungs improve their functioning and you’ll find it easier and very refreshing to breathe. It also helps you from unhealthy cravings and prevent withdrawal symptoms. As soon as you start your physical activity routine, you will begin making a conscious effort to keep it consistent as you’ll experience the benefits almost immediately!