5 Amateur Workout Mistakes You Should Avoid

Even a top fitness model or a bodybuilder will have started the fitness journey from the scratch. And that journey will rarely be a perfect one. It involves learning a lot from the mistakes you do while working out, hard days and sore muscles during intense training, and a requirement of lot of determination, concentration, and passion to not fall of the track. But the end result will be so sweet that you wouldn’t mind the challenges along the way!

At the same time, you should be able to discover, learn, and rectify the mistakes you do while executing your workouts as soon as you can. It not only takes you closer to your fitness goals, but also ensure that you do not befall any unwanted injuries and muscle damages. So, we bring here 5 mistakes you should avoid during your workout sessions.


This is one of the biggest mistake amateurs do when chasing a fitness goal. Just because your transformation mission similar to that of someone else’s, the routine that should be executed might not necessarily be the same. The training should be personalized to not only your goal, but also to your body composition, weight, height, and a variety of health factors. It is recommended to consult a personal trainer if you are aiming for a serious transformation.

Too Much Cardio – Too Little Weights

Cardio is definitely enticing option for beginners. Most prefer cardio to weights but if you are looking for ideal results, you shouldn’t spending too much or all the time on a treadmill. You should divide the time between cardio and resistance training ideally so that it ensures better calorie burn and good metabolism rate.

Working with No Fuel

Never exercise on an empty stomach. You will not have enough energy to burn the fat and the whole point of working out will be in vain. Have a pre-workout snack that has protein to give you that energy to workout efficiently. If your workout session is early in the morning, make sure you grab a protein bar or a banana.

Lifting Heavy Too Soon

Even you have had a nutritious pre-workout snack or feel that you are fully energized, do not right away go into the heavier and intense workouts like lifting heavy weights. Ensure you do a warmup routine that targets the muscles you are about to work on.


Transformations do not happen overnight. Beginners tend to be demotivated by the fact that they are not observing results just a week or 10 days into the training program. That is actually nothing to worry about. By implementing a consistent and disciplined training as well as diet plan, you shall definitely receive good results. All you need is to believe and put in the requisite effort. Results will be on their way!

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