5 Don’ts When You Are Executing Stretches

Most dismiss stretches as a simple warm-up exercise or some quick routine to loosen up your muscles. Of course it is that and so much more! Stretching the right way can make your workout session more efficient and produce good returns. On the other hand, doing it wrong or executing it in a not so recommended way can do more harm than you can imagine. So, we bring here 5 don’ts that you should keep in mind while stretching

The 5 DON’TS

  • Don’t stretch as soon as you wake up. Your spine will be gradually filled and swelled with fluid overnight during your sleep and stretching immediately could risk an injury. Wait for at least half an hour. This is especially important for those who have lower back injury.
  • It is not recommended to perform static stretch that engages the muscles you plan to work in your training session immediately. It may reduce the performance as well as increase the injury risk. It is better to go for that post workout.
  • Holding your breath during a stretch is not a great idea as it causes muscle tension which could further lead to back pain. Longer exhale and a shorter inhaling is the right way to go when stretching.
  • Don’t perform stretches that involve rapid motion or bouncing. It may prove dangerous. Stretches should be done smoothly and unhurriedly.
  • Don’t over stretch. There’s no point if your muscles are relaxed and flexible. If you feel like working, try some other relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation to improve body-mind co-ordination and de-stress.

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