5 Fitness Myths You Should Stop Believing

If you are a beginner trying to achieve your fitness goal(s) by starting a workout and diet routine on your own, you must be hearing a lot of advises directly as well as online. Some of them might be genuine, but you’d be better off disregarding some others. Here are five of those common fitness myths that you should consider discarding right now!

Myth 1: By Training, You Can Turn Fat into Muscle

It’s impossible to turn fat into muscle. It’s as simple as that. What you can actually do is burn that fat that surrounds your muscle with ideal diet and weight training. You can further strengthen the muscle you have with related muscle training exercises. But do not think that you can convert that fat into muscle!

Myth 2: You Can Burn Off Everything You Eat

No. You can’t! It’s wrong to think that you can burn everything you eat off with a strict diet later or an intense workout.

Our body will have a certain amount of fat cells that store fat to begin with. When you go on a binge diet, these fat cells cannot accommodate all of the food as the amount is beyond their capacity to store. But that does not mean they stop at storing fat. To assimilate the excess fat, they start to multiply! These excess fat cells simply do not disappear. They linger and more importantly, they make you crave for more food!

Always intake ideal amounts of food that go right with your workout session.

Myth 3: I Can Shed Fat with Just Strict Diet

No. You can’t! You might be losing the essential weight, not the unwanted fat by following a strict diet or skipping the meals. Only with the right combination of weight loss training and diet, you will be able to lose that fat ideally. Never think that you can do it without exercise.

Myth 4: Sweating? I’m Burning Fat!

No. Not always at least. Sweating is a natural reaction caused by your body to control or regulate your body temperature. Just because you are sweating during hot afternoon does not mean that fat in your body is burning off and that you can relax. Go workout!

Myth 5: I’m 40+. I can’t build muscle now!

Yes. You can! Of course you might not be having the energetic jump you had when you were in your 20s but you still can build the muscle you have always wanted. As long as you don’t have the risk of heart diseases, osteoporosis, or any condition that affects your training, you should be good to go!

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