5 Reasons Why You Couldn’t Keep Weight Gain in Check

Wondering why despite doing everything right, you are still gaining that unwanted weight? Surprised that in spite of following consistent workout and good diet routine, you couldn’t be able to keep that weight gain in check? Well, here are 5 common reasons out of which at least one or more could be the answer to that.

Not Enough ZZZs

When you sleep well and get a good night’s rest, you are getting recovered from the stress, the hormones in your body are regulated, and your body is achieving the right balance. But when you don’t, then your body craves for more food as there is an increased levels of stress hormone called cortisol which increases your appetite as well as craving for high-carb food due to increase in fat storing capacity. Being tired due to lack of sleep may also throw off your workout routine making you skip the training sessions.

Rethink Artificial Sugars

Just because you see a sugar-free label on an item doesn’t mean you are free from the risk. These artificial sweeteners may cause you more harm than you think! Despite the absence of any real sugar, the sweetness in the drinks will make your body release insulin and you have no actual sugar to counter the same! If you are addicted to these foods/drinks, it may lead to weight gain and chronic illnesses diabetes as well.

Stress Much?

Arguably, most common challenge faced by almost everyone in this day and age! While, we cannot escape the stress causing situations, we can effectively cope up with them. Practising relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation can help you deal with the stress challenges a great deal.

Are You Food Sensitive?

This condition has been seeing more light in the recent years. While the complete accuracy is yet to be established, this problem i.e. food sensitivity is a condition that can cause a variety of symptoms to the person having it. It could be fatigue, indigestion, bloating, or inflammation, the last of which could cause weight gain. It is a physiological response of the immunity system to certain foods. If you are doing everything right and still gaining weight, this is something you should look into.

Check Those Portions

Healthy or unhealthy, calories are calories! After a long and stressful day, you may think that a few extra helpings of healthy food may do you nothing wrong. But even some healthy foods like dry fruits and nuts carry high amount of calories that could add to that weight. So ensure that you are not making that mistake!

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