5 Tips for Efficient Recovery after Intense Workout Sessions

A good percentage of fitness enthusiasts, especially those who are novices, neglect post-workout recovery. That is not at all recommended especially if your workout routine is intense. It is important to plan a fitness regimen that includes certain recovery routines to ensure that you are reaping the best benefits and results out of our workouts.

Here, we bring to you 5 simple yet highly effective recovery tips and routines which you should integrate with your workout program.

Resting Not Equals Stopping

Taking a break may not necessarily mean that you should stop exercising for a few days. You simply should change the exercises every two or three days so that different muscles are worked out. This would automatically mean that the other muscles are receiving their due rest. If you are working your upper body for the first two or three days, give it a rest and work your lower body the next couple of days.

Stretch In Between

You might have a certain intense workout routines planned for the day which require a brief resting period in between. You definitely need it! But it is also recommended to include a few minutes of stretches during this cool-down period so that your muscles do not fall asleep completely. People complain a lot less on muscle sore-ness when they include this.


We can’t stress enough on Hydration. This is the first thing you should do after any workout. You should also replenish your body with electrolytes as you lose them during the workout through sweating. Program and follow a post-workout diet that includes healthy fruits and vegetables. Banana is an ideal post-workout snack that is crucial for your rejuvenation.

The Protein Power

Powering up your muscles, in fact your whole body, with protein after your intense workout session is crucial. It helps you regain your muscle strength that was drained during the session. 20-25 grams of protein would give you enough fuel and regain the energy back for the day. Eggs, Fish, Protein Shakes and Whey Protein are some options you can go with.

Quality Sleep

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the quality of sleep you had. Your workouts will be more efficient, your body will be functioning better, and you will be reaping desired gains only if you get a sleep of at least 7 or 8 hours. So ensure that you are catching those minimum zzz’s.

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