5 Tips to Avoid Injuries and Stay Safe during Workouts

Soreness and pain are part and parcel of a fitness lover’s life. A genuine fitness enthusiast would ideally embrace that feeling as they are usually come along with the desired results when a training regimen is executed according to plan.

But simultaneously, one should take extreme care of their body in order to prevent injuries and accidental mishaps during the training. Smart planning and preparation of your exercise and fitness regimen will ensure that such unfortunate circumstances do not befall you!

Here are 5 simple and effective tips to avoid injuries and stay safe during your regular workouts.

Technique and Form are Crucial

Most of the injuries that are observed during weight training are due to incorrect or poor execution of form or technique of the exercise respectively. Doing it the wrong way, even the seemingly simplest of exercises, may tear up your muscles or dislocate your shoulders. Your arms or shoulders have certain limitations to their flexibility and movement which you should know and workout accordingly. It is important to get an expert’s guidance on the same before proceeding.


Never commence an exercise session without an adequate warm-up. It promotes the blood flow across your muscles and ensures more flexibility and mobility which you need for your training. Jog or climb some stairs and stretch for a few minutes before you start the big workouts. Swimming and a few minutes cycling also helps.

Don’t Over-train

Some fitness freaks might be thinking that they can go the extra mile. Well, going the extra mile in fitness training is fine as long as you limit yourself to that mile. Going beyond that definitely carries a negative impact on your strength and body condition. Over-training not only depletes your energy but also hinders and negates the progress you have made until then. And further training in that weakened state makes you more vulnerable to injuries. It is recommended not to have back-to-back intense training sessions without enough recovery period in between.

The Diet Factor

You might be doing all the exercises correctly with the right form and technique. You might also be careful of not over-training. But all of this would be in vain if your body is not receiving the ideal amount of diet and nutrition. And never think that if you are training for weight loss, you can take the diet lightly. That is actually where you should be extra careful. Counter balance the food you in-take with the right workout and training but never skip the meals!

The Concentration

If you observe any bodybuilding champion’s or an athlete’s or a sportsperson’s training session, you will see that his/her concentration and intensity levels are at the peak! That is the foremost pre-requisite for an intense workout training. Never train if and when you are distracted or with something else nagging your mind. Also choose a workout place where you wouldn’t be disturbed or interrupted.

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