5 Tips to Prevent Relapse after Weight Loss

The Continuous Process

If you’ve done all the hard work. You’ve endured challenging times and trained rigorously to get rid of the weight you’ve always wanted to shed. After all that, it’s going to be really tough coming back if you’ve gone into relapse and regained that unhealthy weight – just because you’ve made some daily routine and lifestyle mistakes, right?

Being fit and maintaining ideal weight is a continuous process. It’s not a one-time goal. A majority of the people have been experiencing the problem of relapsing after achieving their weight loss goals. And this affects not just your weight, but regaining it can also have a negative impact on your blood pressure and cholesterol levels as well.

So how can we avoid that? Here are 5 effective tips to prevent relapse after weight loss.

How Not To Go Into Relapse

Don’t Switch Off Abruptly

Most people make the mistake of taking an immediate break or even saying good-bye to the exercise regimen and nutrition program as soon as they have achieved their desired goals. This is not at all recommended. As your body has accustomed to this routine for quite a time, you need to take it down step by step. You can make a few minor changes in your diet program, replace a certain workout with a slightly simpler one but do not skip it altogether.

Manage Stress

This is a huge factor than most of you may think. Even if you are following the diet program and fitness routine consistently after weight loss, you must ensure that you are not falling prey to stress. High levels of stress may regain the lost weight and your whole training could be in vain. Keep the negative thoughts away, practice relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation every day, and try to have an active social life.

Don’t Lose It The Wrong Way!

It’s a common mistake most people commit. By eating tiny amounts of food or skipping the meals altogether, you may lose the weight but that’s essential muscle mass you are losing. Ensure that your weight loss program is filled with the diet containing protein and fibre rich content. And to complement that, you should follow ideal workout regimen. Remember, if you are changing your diet or increasing the calorie content after your weight loss, you should increase the intensity of workout accordingly as well!

Keep It Interesting

There’s nothing wrong in replacing a workout with another casual or more enjoyable physical activity such as playing sports every now and then. You can also change your exercise routine every couple of weeks to keep it fresh. But ensure that you are disciplined and the intensity of it never wavers. Breaks are important, but make sure that they are consistent as well!

Monitor Regularly

Even after achieving desired weight loss, monitor your fat levels and cholesterol levels regularly to ensure that your muscle mass and physical strength is intact. Sometimes you might not observe a difference in weight but that does not mean your body composition (fat and muscle) is ideal. Changes in routine in lifestyle may bring about those slight changes in your body that you need to regularly regulate!