6 Pre and Post-Workout Tips for Ideal Gains

It’s not just the primary workout routine, but also the way you prepare for your workout and how you cool down post your workout play an important role in determining your gains. Here, we bring 6 crucial pre and post-workout tips that help you achieve the desired efficiency from your workout session.


Never Skip the Warm-Up

Prepping your body and muscles for your main workout should be an integral part of your workout session. Even if you have limited amount of time to execute the main workouts, squeeze some time for your warmups to ensure oxygenated blood to reach your muscles and enable them to loosen up. They also ensure that you don’t befall injuries that often happen due to heavy strain on stiff muscles.

Slow and Steady Wins the Workout!

Your warm-up session is nothing but a less intense main workout. So, it is important that you do not exert great pressure on the muscles you are planning to target during the main training session. And therein lies another point to note. The warmups are ideal if you work the muscles that are to be targeted during the main session. For eg. If it’s a leg day, work your hamstrings and quads etc. with some dynamic stretches.

Give it Time

The more intense the main workout is, the longer your warmup should be! Many make the mistake of wrapping up warmups within a couple of minutes. That is never enough especially for your core workout sessions. Ensure that your warmup is of at least 5 – 10 minutes.


Cool Down!

Don’t pack your bags and sail off to your daily routine as soon as you are done with your workout session. Especially, if that session is an intense one. Your muscles, tendons, and even your heart needs to recover from the soreness and stress. Just take a few minutes to cool down or it could damage your muscles.

Don’t Be Abrupt

While cooling down after your workout session is important, the way you end your workout should not be abrupt. Just like you gradually build up the intensity of workout by warmup, the cool down process is ideal when you gradually tone down the intensity of exercises before finally stopping.

Are You Stretching Right?

Stretching post your workout is an important routine to ensure that you do not face muscle soreness or fatigue. But if you do the stretching wrong, it may lead to the same damage you are originally trying to prevent, if not worse! Static stretch is the best one to go ahead with post your workout. Do not stretch if you feel any pain or discomfort.

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