6 Tips to Stay Cool and Healthy this Summer

Summer has already begun and people are starting to feel the heat. But there are always a few measures you can take to beat the wrath of the sun and stay healthy. Here, we bring 6 simple tips to stay cool and healthy this summer.

Go Pro-H2O!

There is no such thing as ‘enough hydration’ during these hot times. Your body is always losing water even when you are not doing anything. So ensure that you always carry a water bottle with you wherever you go and drink it regularly. Do not wait until you are thirsty as your body may dehydrate without you realizing. If you are bored of drinking water continuously, add a little flavour like lemon to make it tasty.

Never Back Down

It’s not a secret that you’d be sweating and tiring from a workout faster during the hotter temperatures. But that doesn’t mean you can bunk a gym session. A break from your regular physical regimen may cause more damage than just sweat. Take more mini-breaks, make some small altercations to your routine by discussing with your trainer, but never take a full break!

Grab Some Healthy Fats

Olive Oil is known to carry essential fatty acids that are healthy for your skin as well as your body. This also carries anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and nutritious properties that are very much ideal for our health. Adding this oil in a limited amounts on a daily basis to our diet ensures that your body is getting the right amount of nutrients as well as defending properties against the hot temperatures.

Choose Healthy

It’s quite easy to be tempted by an ice-cream during these severely hot temperatures when you are outside. It’s in your hands to resist that temptation and choose healthy. Carrying a light canteen filled with fresh and healthy juices or vegetable sandwiches along with a chilled water bottle is an ideal choice wherever you go!

Enjoy the Shade

Spending a few minutes under the cool shade of trees is an energizing routine not only in summer but at any time of the year. Engage in cool activities like gardening every day or take a walk to the park nearby to enjoy a few moments in the soothing greenery. There is nothing more refreshing.

Be Regular With Meals

The trick lies in not only choosing the right diet to follow but also being consistent and regular with meal consumption. It enables better metabolism and ensure that you do not have any digestion problems during the hot temperatures. Eating light dinners is recommended but whatever you choose, make sure that you do not digress from your routine.

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