About Steel Gym

Steel isn’t just your regular everyday gym. Yes, we have the best facilities and equipment you will find in all of the city of Hyderabad, all spanning over a whopping 12,000 sqft area. But, that’s not what we are most proud of. What truly sets us apart is the scientific approach we take towards fitness and the unbelievable results our clients have achieved from it. Our goal isn’t just to give you a great body – it is to transform your mindset along with your body, so your mind is trained to give only the best to your health – in terms of your workout, the food you intake and your whole approach to physique transformation.

How Steel is Different?

The Big Question

Can we rely on the conventional BMI or body measurements to determine our body fitness levels? Does the weight and height numbers disclose the actual body composition? If not, then what is the ideal examination to determine the fitness levels?

Our body weight is a combination of muscle mass and fat mass. Two persons weighing the same can have different ratios of these masses. So how do we assess that?

The Right Examination

Here’s Kunal explaining why the aforementioned conventional body assessment techniques are not reliable in this regard and the right way to go about it. He also briefs us regarding the initial body assessment procedure offered by Steel Gym, and how it is unique, efficient, and highly reliable when compared to the conventional methods.

The Founders

Kunal Gir

Founder & Chairman

Kunal’s passion for the perfect physique started at a very early age. He was always keen to build a muscular body, except he didn’t know too much about training or nutrition at that point. Following the path that everyone else takes, he thought working out harder and eating less would help him get fit. Of course, this didn’t result in any improvement or development in his body. This is when he started to realize that his methods were most likely incorrect. Then, he tried another route – he started to approach huge bodybuilders that seemed to know what they were doing. When he started training with them, he realised that most of their bodies were a result of combining great genes with drug usage. Soon, Kunal embarked on a journey to understand the complete science behind fitness and its close companion, nutrition. Steel is a culmination of that knowledge and intensive science behind body transformation that Kunal has discovered over his decade long experience with the fitness industry.

Syed Zafar Ali


To those that know him well, Zafar Ali Khan has always been a man with an undiminished fire to create something both intrinsic and extrinsic to his being. After completing his formal education, he dived into the technology space, first as a Business Partner culminating in the creation of an IT Organization that continues to grow exponentially across the Globe. While he continued to scale great heights on the basis of his knowledge, the passion of developing his body continued to burn with limited or no guidance.

Zafar took a step back and planned his strategy and expanding his knowledge by partnering and working with some of the legends in body building including, but not limited to Milos Sarcev and Sami Al haddad. Hereon, body building stopped becoming an activity and transformed onto a habit. After working out in different geographies, Zafar realised the need to have a gym in India which customizes body building techniques and became a partner at “Steel” which is a brain child of this thought process where learnings and ideas in the body building arena are given shape. However, his dreams do not stop there.

Zafar is also working towards taking Steel to a Global standing not just as a training facility but as a key enabler and driver of the sport in India.