Beginner’s Guide to Perfect Abs – 5 Things You Should Know

You already have Abs!

Surprised? Confused? Well, you would not be alone. Most people think that they need to develop abs. But the truth is, every person will be having those Abs with or without training right from the beginning. It’s just that they might not be visible because they are surrounded by fat!

So, all you need to learn is how to burn that fat surrounding your abs and proudly show-off that toned structure. Here are some important tips and tricks that would guide you to that fitness goal.

The Two Components

The route to achieving Abs has two important components. Training and Diet. While, both are important, you should note that it’s the Diet that plays the major part for your Abs.

It’s Tough, But Necessary!

The first thing you should do for achieving those Abs is to cut down the carbohydrates and sugars. While it might be a difficult thing for most people to do, it is very much necessary. No amount of training could help you if you intake more carbs than necessary. While your body needs them for energy, excess amount will be converted into fat!

The Exercise Routine

One important thing anyone who’s trying for abs should keep in mind is not to go for high intensity exercises. As mentioned, you already have the muscles to begin with. You just have to work out just enough to burn that fat. Training twice a week with two abdominal exercises with a maximum of 20-30 reps would suffice, but only if you are following a good diet.

Cardio Helps!

Cardio early in the morning really helps cut down the calories. An half an hour of cardio would be enough along with the aforementioned exercise routine will be ideal.

Don’t Do This

Some people try to do side-bends with dumbbells thinking that it’d do the trick in a quick time. But such kind of high intensity workouts including resistance training are meant to improve your muscles. They would be increasing your waist line which totally defeats the purpose (if you are aim is just to have the Abs). Go for simple exercises like crunches and sit-ups.