5 Every Day Routines to Stay Fit and Healthy in Cold Temperatures

It’s that time of the season where your disciplined workout routine might go for a toss. Even the most determined fitness enthusiasts might find it difficult to keep up with their regular physical activity during the colder temperatures. But it’s not advisable to hibernate your body from regular workout as it may result in you losing the shape and fitness. Along with that, you might have to practise certain every day routines to keep your body warm and healthy this winter.

Here, we bring here 5 simple everyday routines or tips for you. Let’s have a look.

A bit of a shiver is actually great!

Do you know that cold showers in winter are actually healthy for your body? Yes! Though some of you might be shivering with the thought of it, having a shower with cold water will actually boost your immunity, improves your blood circulation, helps you recover from stress, and is quite good for skin health. Just try to bear the first few seconds during your cold water shower and we assure you, the reminder of the day is going to be great!

Change your pace of workout

Whether you go for a long run or do heavy workout, it’s important that you slow down the pace a bit during the winters. Do not try to fit in intense workout schedules early in the morning as you might lose work productivity later in the day. Instead try to accommodate an hour or two later in the evening for your physical routine when you are much more relaxed.

Choose the right workout apparel

If you are finding it hard to work out during the winters, one of the reasons must be your choice of apparel. Ensure that you are wearing the right gear for your daily run or workout. A bit of investment here is not wrong at all. Also, make sure that you do not overdress for the same. Instead of wearing heavier apparel, try layered clothing so that it meets your convenience as well as be functional.

Regulate the diet, hydrate whenever you can!

Even if you are not thirsty, never forget to drink water at least every hour or so. And keep an eye on how much you eat and what you include in your diet. As you stay indoors for more than usual during winters, ensure that you are getting enough physical activity for the amount of food you intake.

Vitamin C helps

Winter is the time when our immune system is at its most vulnerable. Ensure that you protect that by drinking a glass of warm lemon water every morning. It flushes out the toxins in your body and ensures that you have a strong and ideally functioning immune system.

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