5 Must Follow Routines for an Efficient Workout Session

Having hard work-out sessions but observing no results? Trying your best to shed your weight with rigorous exercises but in vain? Well, there must be something missing in your routine that surrounds your workout session then. Here are 5 must follow routines you should try for an efficient workout session which gives you the desired results.

Get Enough Rest!

Experts say that early morning workouts are the most effective sessions. This is because your muscles get the chance to fully recover from the stress and strain of the entire previous day and you have the energy intact. If you are going for a workout later in the day, ensure that your body got some decent rest time before your session. This also prevents you from feeling overly tired during the rest of the day or overeating. You don’t want to undo the hard work, right?

Grab a Snack

You don’t want to make the mistake of working out on an empty stomach. You might be putting your essential muscle mass at stake here. It is very much important to get some proteins and calories into you as you need sufficient energy for your session. Fruits like Apples and Bananas would help your cause. Even after your workout, you need to grab a smoothie or eggs or an oat meal to help your muscles re-energize

Stay Hydrated

There’s no enough stressing the importance of being hydrated throughout the workout session. Drink at least half litre of water before your routine. Ensure that the amount of water you consume is compensating for the amount of sweating. It depends on the intensity of workout. In simple words, water is the fuel you need for your workout journey.

Warmup and Stretching

These two are very much necessary for pre-workout and post-workout respectively. You need your body to get ready for the exercise session with a few minutes of warmup like jogging or dynamic stretching. This will help loosen up your muscles and ensures a seamless session. And you need your body and muscles to recover from soreness of an intense workout session. For this you need to do some stretching before you leave for your daily routine.

Be Consistent

All your training and hard workouts would be in vain if you are not consistent or regular with your routine. Even a two day gap can set you back a few paces. Ensure that you dedicate a few minutes of your day for some physical activity so that your muscles and body are in a rhythm.