7 Tips to Stay Fit and Healthy During Pregnancy


Nothing is important than being fit and healthy, and even more during the pregnancy. It is the time when you are more vulnerable to fitness and other health problems than ever. But it is something which we can easily prevent. We bring you a few lifestyle and do-it-yourself tips that would help you not only stay fit during this nine month period but also deliver a healthy and happy baby!

Before exploring the different exercise and physical routine pregnant women should follow, you should know that for certain pre-existing conditions, the following activities are not recommended. These conditions include lung or heart diseases, excessive bleeding, anaemia, gestational hypertension, or if you are expecting multiple pregnancy (twins, triplets or more).

A Cautious and Steady Start

Even if you were a fitness enthusiast prior to the pregnancy, we recommend you start off your exercise routine with short sessions per day. It is important to gauge your body’s response to the activity before increasing the time and effort you put in. Start your first two weeks with 15-20 minutes of exercise per day. Then you can add a few minutes if you feel comfortable with that.

Walk It and Pace It

This is especially for the women who are new to exercise. Nothing is better than starting your routine with a daily walk. You can improve your walking speed with time but ensure that you do it gradually and not suddenly.

Stay Cool, Hydrated, and Free

Ensure that you schedule your physical activity during early mornings or in the evenings after the afternoon heat has considerably subsided. Drink lots and lots of water – Before, during, and after your workout. Your body should stay fully hydrated at all the times.

It is also crucial to protect your skin from hot temperatures and humidity, Pregnancy also means that your skin is more vulnerable to such conditions. Apply some sunblock if you are planning to workout at such times. Also wear clothes that are conveniently loose and comfortable for your exercise sessions.

Healthy Body – Strong Mind

It is very important to have a peaceful mind and psychological strength during the pregnancy along with physical fitness. Yoga and meditation will help you achieve that. Relax your mind and body, get rid of the tension and stress, and enjoy the rest of the day with an early morning session of yoga or meditation.

Stay in Shape

Along with fitness, what your body needs is flexibility. There are certain aerobic sessions designed exclusively for pregnant women which you can find online or you can buy DVDs.

While stretching and cardio are a couple of basic exercises one can try, the most effective one considered by many is Pilates. The biggest benefit of this routine is that it enables pregnant women to stay fit and in shape throughout the pregnancy. It strengthens your muscles, limbs, and improves your flexibility and will ensure a smooth delivery.

Quality Diet

Nothing is more important than having nutritious food during this time. Keep in mind that you are eating for two. Make sure that the diet is rich with fresh and leafy vegetables, fruits, foods with protein, whole grains etc.

Avoid These

  • High intensity and risky activities such as surfing, gymnastics, heavy lifting, skiing etc.
  • Sports that often entail off-balance situation. You need to have a steady centre of gravity without great deal of directional changes
  • Activities and exercises lying down. This would limit the blood flow to your uterus and hence not recommended.