9 Lifestyle Changes to Get Back The Healthy Shape

You are not alone in this!

Everyone who’s already in shape have been at this juncture at one or other point in life – Looking for the best way to get a fit and healthy body. All you need is a steel determination to achieve that dream shape you’ve been desiring since ever. And of course, the following tips on lifestyle changes you want to make would really help! Let’s see what they are.

Diet + Exercise: It’s the Combination that Works

Most people consider going for either exercise or a strict diet to realize their fitness goals. But you must know that you can’t do it with just the one of them. You need both an efficient physical regimen and a healthy diet plan to achieve the shape and fitness you desire. Also, don’t think that skipping meals is the key to losing fat or weight. You might be losing your essential muscle weight. FOOD IS NEVER THE ENEMY!

Realistic Goals are the Key

Don’t aim too big right from the start. The key lies in setting realistic goals and a step-by-step advancements. If you are not associated with regular exercises or physical training before, begin with a basic aim. Exercise for 20-30 minutes a day and set a goal of losing 1 pound per week. Try this for a month and then you can go for more intense exercises.

Begin with a Walk – Turn It into Jog

Start your exercise regimen with a 20-30 minute walk every morning. Then change that into a 20 minute walk and a 10 minute jog every day. May be two ten minute walk sessions with a 5 minute jog in between. Gradually transform that into a full half an hour jog.

The Relaxation Techniques

You need the mental strength to achieve those goals without losing steam. And for that you would need a 15-20 minute session of meditation or yoga every day. Alternate these techniques every day to induce and maintain some freshness into your daily routine.

Build Muscle Elasticity

The key to an efficient workout and getting the result you want lies in maintaining the elasticity and strength in your muscles. For that you need to warm up before your training session with some stretches. Replace your regular workout sessions with strength training every now and then to enhance muscle power.

Mix It Up

Not every day should be an exercise day. Try swapping your regular physical regimen with your favourite and interesting outdoor sports and games. Enjoy the activity rather than trying to get through with it.

The Healthy Diet

  • Fresh Fruits and vegetables are always the key inclusions in your everyday diet
  • Say goodbye to junk, soft drinks, smoking, and alcohol
  • Nuts and whole grains help a lot
  • Fibre and protein-rich items are ideal
  • Consume lots and lots of water

Refer to our article on Ideal Foods Before and After Workout to get a good idea on what to eat pre and post your training session.

Meals: Increase the Number – Decrease the Amount

Instead of having two big meals per day, make it four meals per day with smaller amounts of food. This will ensure a better metabolisms and also prevents you from overeating. Eat slowly and enjoy the food!

Never Give Up

Always keep in mind that the transformation doesn’t happen overnight. Just because you did not see any observable or significant results in just a few days doesn’t mean that your effort is in vain. Take one step at a time, be consistent with your regimen, and we assure you that you will observe the results in a good time!

Point to Note

It’s always suggested you seek the counsel of an expert trainer in order to effectively realize your physical fitness goals. You need to realize your potential, any weak spots, and health aspects that should be factored in preparing an ideal regimen. That’s where a personal trainer really helps.