Age 40 plus, But Feel 20 plus – 4 Tips For You!

Age is Just a Number

The 40s – It’s that age around which you may start to feel your muscle power weakening and your body, well, aging. But not to the guys who believe that age is just a number. Yes! If you can muster up some determination and if you are able to follow a certain recommended discipline in your lifestyle, you can make even your 40+ body feel fresh and healthy.

We bring you four important routines you can execute to stay fit after your 40s. Let’s have a look at them, shall we?

Take It Easy

Most people who have entered the 40s, just because they think they can, go for long hours of cardio or running. This over-enthusiasm can be a bit risky. It could turn into an overload for your muscle and heart.

Points to Note

  • Get more breaks – If you are going for long walks or a run, ensure your body gets a break frequently to recover
  • If you are a cardio enthusiast, make sure that you don’t do it for more than 30 – 45 minutes
  • You need not pull weights or workout on a daily basis right from the start. Give rest to your body on alternate days and do something you enjoy.

Stretching is Vital!

It all comes down to Body flexibility. Your muscles can retain and harness their true potential and strength only if they are flexible. You may feel this slightly declining once you enter your 40s but you can get it back easily.

Points to Note

  • Warm up before you go for a run or a walk
  • Once you are done with your morning or evening walk/run, stretch your legs
  • Ensure that you do not over-do it. A few seconds would be sufficient.

Stretching helps improve your blood circulation and also offers your muscles that extra flexibility and strength to work out more. Yoga is a great routine if you can do it regularly. It gives a great balance to your body along with mental strength.

Use Power – Not Momentum

Instead of swinging or heaving the weights at a quick pace, concentrate more on steady lifting and lowering of the same using the muscle power. This will not only help you avoid unnecessary injuries but builds up a solid muscle strength. Also, starting your workout with heavier weights right from the beginning can hurt your form and muscle.

Points to Note

  • Begin with lighter weights and then add-on gradually working out each one for certain repetitions.
  • Do not swing or sway the weights quickly. Also do not repeat the lifting process rapidly. Fast isn’t the friend here.
  • Rest is good. But longer timeouts can be a deal breaker too. Ensure that your resting periods are between 30-90 seconds.

Movement is Exercise

Even after all those heavy workouts or high-intensity exercises, you may risk undoing its outcome by sitting down for hours. So, if you are at work or even at home on your day off, try to move around for a few minutes every hour or so. This movement is great for your metabolism and it helps retains the achieved fitness. Include the habit of drinking water whenever you do this so that it becomes a nice healthy habit!

Last But Not Least – Consistency is Crucial

Discipline and consistency are two important factors if you want to stay fit. It’s no use if you are not regular with your training even if you work out with high intensity. Instead, go for short bursts of effective exercises but with regularity.