From Underdog to Frontrunner – A.K. Rari

A Steel Determination – A Global Phenomenon

40+ is usually not an age we associate with the terms like excellent fitness and a champion body. But proving many of us wrong is Mr. A.K. Rari, a fitness marvel and an incredible body builder, and a five time consecutive winner of Mr. Asia title! And his journey did not stop there! He is participating in two international level championships this year – Mr. Asia Championship and Mr. World Body Building Championship.

The Making of a Fitness Marvel

Mr. Rari has not only been a champion in the aspect of fitness, but also in life. Coming from a lower class family in a small village of Amballur in Thrissur Dt., Kerala, he had overcome a number of challenges and obstacles to become this successful international phenomenon.

His fasciation towards body building was first inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger. In order to pursue this dream of his, he discontinued his studies and joined a gym to build his body. But the family’s misfortunate financial state meant that he had to work as a daily wage labor in a tile manufacturing company for just 25/- per day. This amount too, proved insufficient, as he had to take care of the nutrition along with body building. Hence He had started washing clothes to earn a few more bucks and meet the requirements.

A Marathon Life – A Monumental Success

It’s his absolute passion for fitness, sheer dedication and relentless pursuit for mastering the same that has carried him through the tough times and helped him become the man he is now.

He started his career in bodybuilding in 1988 when he was just 17 years old. His first major breakthrough was in 1990 when he had won Mr. India Junior Championship. He would later clinch the South India Championship for 4 consecutive years from 1991 to 1994 and Mr. Asia Title for 5 consecutive years from 1995 to 1999!

Gearing Up For the Prestigious Events

He is currently warming up for the upcoming Mr. Asia Championship which starts this August 19th and is held in Seoul, South Korea. He enters this event under Masters Category for candidates between the age of 40 and 50 years. He is one of the only 9 members selected from India, and one among the only 3 from Telangana state, along with Mr. Ramakrishna and Mr. Md. Anwar. The results for this championship will be announced on 25th of August.

He has also been selected for Mr. World Bodybuilding Championship which will be held at Magnolia. This event starts on October 2nd.

Steel Gym, a renowned fitness center established by Kunal Gir in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad has offered sponsorship for Mr. Rari for both these events. Mr. Rari is one of the top personal trainers working at Steel Gym since the center’s inception.