Healthy Diet Before and After a Workout Session

Exercise alone doesn’t do it for you! If you are looking to extract the maximum results from a workout, you need to integrate an ideal pre as well as post workout diet plan with it. Here, we bring some essential and healthy foods that will help you achieve your fitness goals with that desired efficiency at the gym. Here we go.



Tuning up for an early morning work-out session? Have a Banana! This nature’s power bar rich in potassium and fast-digestible carbohydrates is a great pre-workout food to have. It improves your nerve and muscle functioning and enables you to have an effective session of exercise.


Gearing up for an extensive, rigorous, and long physical training at the gym? An oat-meal is the simplest and a highly energizing diet you can have. This is rich in carbs and fibre which improves your stamina and helps you go through the long workout sessions with considerable ease. You can mix it up with fruits and berries as well!

Sprouts, Legumes, and Whole Grains

The essential Vitamin K, Vitamin C, and proteins are abundant in these foods. They help you gather the energy and potential to work out for long hours.


Rich source of proteins and minerals, eggs are one of the most simple and yet most effective pre-workout diets you can have. They also offer vital and healthy protection to your heart while you’re pumping up adrenaline.

Fruit Smoothies

Who doesn’t like them, right? Include fresh fruits such as Apples and Bananas along with fresh spinach to reap the best benefit from your smoothie. This is easy to prepare, tasty to have, and healthy for your workout. What more can you ask for!


Dried Fruits

The readily available dried fruits including almonds, cashew, and nuts are rich in carbohydrates and proteins that your body needs after a workout.

Sweet Potato

If your muscles feel tired or if your limbs are sprained during your workout, sweet potatoes are the best to have. These are rich in Vitamin D and Potassium and help you quickly recover from any muscle injuries or sprains.

Chocolate Milk

Research shows that Chocolate Milk has the quickest re-energizing your body after a long and extensive workout. They ensure fast recovery of your tired limbs and help you attend your daily routine without any inconvenience.


One of the most favorite post-workout diets for many! Grilled chicken is best to have after your training session. Adding vegetables to it will have desired effect especially when your body is tired and drained out of essential fluids and nutrients.


This is one of the simplest post-workout foods to have. Rich in calories, yogurt will refresh your body with the energy you lost during the training. Adding cereals and fresh fruit to this diet will offer additional benefits.