Simple Workout and Exercise Tips for the Elderly

Feel Young and Energetic!

There is a common notion among most people that working out or having regular physical training sessions for people over 60 is not recommended. It couldn’t be more false! It is in fact essential for the elderly to regularly engage themselves in a physical activity routine and exercise routine, of course with some limitations. We bring here a few exercise tips for the seniors that would not only keep them fit, but also prevent cardiovascular infections and ailments from attacking.

Begin Slow and Relaxed

Just because we said that it’s needed, doesn’t mean you have to go for extensive training, especially if you’re not a fan of workouts before. Start with a 10-15 minutes of exercise, preferably in the mornings at the beginning. You can then extend that to 30 minutes per day after a couple of weeks or a month. If you feel that 30 minutes at a stretch is too much, allot 10 minutes per session – in the morning, after your lunch and in the evening. Once you become a pro at it, you can even train up to 60 minutes a day!

Warm Up With a Walk

Begin your workout sessions that include stretching or balance exercises with a walk around the block. Especially in the mornings, your muscles and limbs would be stiff and you need to loosen them up. A 5 minute walk will do the job.

You and Your Muscles Need Breathers

Do not train all 7 days a week. At the beginning, workout for 2-3 days a week, preferably alternate days. Then you can extend that up to 5 days a week depending on your ability and strength. But ensure that you do not train on consecutive days. Also make sure that you don’t work the same muscle or limbs continuously or too much. For example, if you are training on your shoulders today, work your calf muscles tomorrow.

Limit the Weights You Lift

Even if you were a fitness enthusiast before, you need to limit the weights you lift once you enter the 60+ age.  If you are a beginner, start with 2 pound lifts with the arms. Once you are able to manage this with ease, you can add 1 more pound to it. Don’t double the weight at once. Women are usually comfortable with lifting up to 4-5 pounds while men can lift up to 8 pounds.

Simple Exercises for You

Not every exercise is for the elderly. But there are certain muscle relaxation and balance exercises that can be practised by the seniors to achieve the ideal fitness levels they want. Here are a few best routines they can go for

  • Single Limb Stance – Holding on to a chair and standing on one leg. After a few seconds, try the other leg. It’s a great exercise for balance.
  • Sit and Stretch – Take a chair, sit at the edge, and extend your legs. Now stretch your arms and try to reach and touch your toes. This is good for your limb muscles.
  • Neck Exercise – Tilt your head on to a side for a few seconds and extend your hand on the opposite side to the waist level. Now repeat the same on the other side. It’s great for your neck!
  • ‘Toe the line’ is one more ideal exercise routine for easing up your muscles to reduce any stiffness. 15-20 steps per session would do.
  • Once you are sure that you can go for a bit more intense exercises, you can try bicycle exercises, knee lifts, cardio, and dynamic walking. But ensure you are now comfortable with regular exercises and you had a good few weeks of regular physical training before you commence these.