Stay fit and happy for life – 5 effective Tips to follow wherever you are!

You may not find a gym to work out near you. Or you may not have the time to regularly consult a trainer and track your fitness. But no harm done. The following tips and suggestions will help you maintain ideal fitness levels throughout life without the need of any expert. Be your own guide and expert now!

Convert your place into Gym!

Yes! You don’t need a gym to workout. You can effectively convert your workplace into a virtual gym and travelling to and fro to the job into a regular exercise. Instead of using a lift or escalator, try going to your work floor via stairs every day. Ensure that you walk every now and then around your work place for 5 minutes. And using public transit to your work place at least twice a week will ensure that you walk a few steps to your stop/station.

Go for Functional Training

It’s not only important for you to gain shape or shed some fat. You need to ensure that you stay fit and follow your daily work routine without any difficulties or health complications for a long time. And for that, you need functional training. This training ensures that you perform day-to-day activities with ease. Functional training improves your core strength and improves balance. You don’t need advanced equipment or machinery for the same. You can go for these exercises anywhere!

Water is your Best Friend!

You might have heard this a number of time before in your life and you will be hearing this a lot more after this. But it doesn’t make its significance any lesser. Drink lots and lots of water even if you are not thirsty. The ideal routine is to drink 1 litre of water every morning when you wake up. And drinking a glass of hot water half an hour after every meal will enhance your metabolism and digestion process.

It’s all in the Selection – Not Skipping

Maintaining ideal weight and getting rid of fat can be achievable by choosing the right foods to eat rather than skipping the meals. Select the foods with high protein and fibre content. Instead of going for two large meals a day, try having 4 small sized meals per day. It helps better your metabolism.

You can also consider ketogenic diet which carries fat for your weight loss goals. But ensure that you mix your diet plan with an effective workout activity. You need both of them for desired results.

An Active Family Time

It does a lot more good than you can imagine. You may have a busy professional life and hectic schedules during the weekdays. But never skip spending time out with your family during the weekends. Ensure that your day out with your loved ones involves a lot of physical activity like sports and recreational activities. It not only helps your body get that much necessary workout, but also ensures the younger ones in your family realize the significance and enjoyment of outdoor activities.