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posted on Friday , October 16

What’s the first thing you did today? Brush...Snooze off the alarm...Check your phone for messages? Most definitely! Did you ever think about giving yourself a positive self-talk? Ahh, don’t think so! Well, if you don’t, let us make this a practice from today.

Your ability to maintain positive thoughts and actioning it can set the right tone for your healthy life. And if you’re here reading this, we encourage your attempts and push you to develop the right mindset to initiate your fitness journey. Here are some tips to help you do that:

1) Tell yourself “You can achieve anything you put your mind to”

We all have a list of fitness goals we want to achieve in our life. We need to remind ourselves time and again that we can achieve it if we have the intent and out our mind to it. Having said that, converting your intent to action becomes equally important and then, you can chase everything you’ve dreamt of. We frequently hear Kunal Gir say “Fitness is all about showing up without delaying it for another day. Look forward to seeing a fitter you”

2) Say affirmative sentences out loud

Usage of sentences like “I can do better than I did yesterday”, “I’m here to learn and grow more each day” and “Nothing can stop me from doing one extra rep” will have a long lasting effect. You need to train your mind to think and believe in yourself. Low self esteem and no faith in the process will not get you where you want to be. Build it and give it your best each day.

3) There is Pain in Gain

One important thing Kunal Gir often tells his clients - suffer from the pain today and stay stronger or stay busy all your life, become weak and suffer from that pain towards the end of your life. So until you’re not ready to bear the pain, you won't see any change. Remember, it feels good to have achieved your goals knowing you’re in control of everything you do.

4) Be Persistent

Getting into the right shape and physique is a true test of your own self. One cannot just achieve the physique they are aiming for in two or three months. Even if you do, you require patience, persistence and sustain your fitness regimes for a long period of time. A mix of workout with a balanced diet can make you better than you did yesterday.

5) Look back and reflect on your path

The best thing you can hear from your trainer is “Your form is on point and you’re doing this better than the first time you did this” and just then, every inch of your body finally screams victory. Like it was worth every minute!

Keep the grind going and take some time out to pause and introspect. This is an important process and we need to remind ourselves that we’ve come a long way. Afterall, your fitness journey is a lifelong journey and we at Steel Gym are here to help you achieve your goals.

6) Better version of You.

At the end of the day, your goal is to keep getting better and fitter everyday. Allow yourself some breathing time and give yourself credit for coming this far. Pat yourself in the shoulder and strive to do better than yesterday! Improving 1% every day will make a significant change in your life.

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