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How to Warm up before starting a Strength workout

posted on Tuesday , March 16
How to Warm up before starting a Strength workout


Loosen up! Stretch it out! It’s time to warm up.

Warm-up is a necessity before every workout. It is a beginner's exercise, which helps you to loosen your joints, stretch your muscles, pump your heart, and practice movements. Warming up helps increase the blood flow in the muscles and makes the muscles ready for wear and tear. Hence, practicing these below-stated warm-up exercises can help you stay away from injuries.

Warm-ups can be of multiple types. People do different variations of warm-ups as per their preferences and choices. You can choose what best suits you basis the following-

  1. Stretching - The best and the basic warm-up you can do is to stretch your body. By targeting each muscle, you can stretch your upper and lower body making it ready for your main workout. Neck rolls, arm swings, side bends, spine contractions, and expansions are some of the best stretches you can do before your workout. Stretching is known to be the best warm-up and cool-down exercise. It expands and contracts your muscles making it easy for you to carry out your workout smoothly without any injuries.

  2. Jogging - Jogging is known as a body warmer. Jogging for 10 mins, not only warms you up but also helps you to burn those extra calories before your main workout. Time your laps, see how much time does it take for you to complete 1 KM, try to beat yourself. Running is an overall head-to-toe exercise. It can be a warmup and also the main workout.

  3. Cardio - Increase your heart rate by doing some heart-pumping exercises like Jumping jacks, skipping, spot running, shadowboxing. Choose any exercise you like and do it for 3-5 mins. Skipping is the best amongst all the exercises as it improves hand to eye coordination, burns the most calories in minimum time and any age group can perform this exercise.

  4. Dancing - Who doesn’t love to dance? A 10min dance routine with a mix of Bollywood tracks can make a boring warm-up a fun one. Dancing is called a mood booster. If you are lazy to workout, a 10min dance routine can amp up your mood giving you a boost for your main workout. 


A warm-up and cool-down are both low-intensity exercises that improve your overall workout performance and build cardiovascular endurance increase blood flow. It is mandatory to warm up before you do your main workout as it reduces soreness of muscles lessen your risk of injury

We personally attend to all our clients and give extra attention when it comes to warm-up as it creates the base of your workout. Steel Gym ensures to include this for a smooth, injury-free fitness routine.

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