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6 Expert Tips for Getting Back into the Gym

posted on Thursday , March 25
6 Expert Tips for Getting Back into the Gym

Get! Set! Gym!

Isn’t now the time to get better off the pandemic? Stay fit and boost your immunity… 2020 has been a washout for most of us. Just like the thought of hitting the gym can either be too exciting for some or too dreadful for others after the longest gap ever! 

However, in order to get rid of the sedentary lifestyle, you must get back up and push your body to do what it needs the most! Let’s talk about how the gym is your number one solution to most of your physical, mental, and lifestyle problems that you face:

  1. Stretching - If you don’t exercise regularly, then your body gets stiff. It is important to loosen up those muscles before hitting the gym. A proper 15 min body stretch can prevent muscle injuries and help you lift weights better. Bicep & Tricep stretch, Thoracic Spine Stretch, Hamstring & Quadracep stretch are some of the important stretches you should do as it targets your overall body. 

  2. Foundational Exercise - It’s always a good idea to make sure you know the basics before getting back into your gym routine. Some foundational exercises like push-ups, squats, planks & crunches can help your body gain that lost strength. These exercises are also known as the Beginner Workout. So it’s important to get your foundation right before jumping into your proper workout.

  3. Work with Fitness Experts - Taking a break in this pandemic has let everyone take a pause from gym workout. You can work with a fitness expert in the start for your form check and endurance. Fitness experts know the process and will guide you better in terms of your workout. Some experts also give out nutrition for muscle building and for reducing soreness. 

  4. Low-Intensity Training - Your main workout should consist of low-intensity exercises. Don’t increase your heart rate at one go. Take it slow. Jogging, Cycling, Rowing, Swimming are some best exercises you can do before taking it to the next level. Start with 20-25 mins of any exercise and increase your time and pace as your body gets used to it.

  5. Rest Days - Don’t go 100% when you start gymming. Your body needs to rest as well. Your muscles tend to get sore when you start working out but the pain is temporary. Plan your workout days For eg. Week 1 - Workout thrice a week and gradually increase your workout days from week 2. When you take a day off, your body isn’t. It is actually repairing and getting you ready for the next day. Focus on your basics and then go for heavy weight lifting.

  6. Sleep & Diet  - Sleep is by far the best recovery tool known to humans. Getting 7-9 hours of sleep is important if you are exercising regularly. Diet is very important when it comes to building a body. It is said that “Great bodies are made in the Kitchen”. Your diet should give you enough energy to recover from muscle soreness. Protein in your diet will provide the muscle growth needed for the body.

These are some useful tips for getting back to the gym. It is very important to be patient and you should take it at a moderate pace. Pain is temporary but Results are permanent. 

Our expert Steel coaches are there to guide you at every step. We give personal attention to our clients in terms of workout and diet. Steel Gym believes that everyone can have a Steel body with proper dedication and focus.

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