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There is Always a Reason to Wait Until Tomorrow But...

posted on Tuesday , October 27
There is Always a Reason to Wait Until Tomorrow  But...

Time never stops for anyone! We’ve been told this ample times and yet we look for reasons to make the time for our own self! Why wait till New Year or another Monday to be fit?

Let’s make that shift from today and not put off our goals to tomorrow or any other day! Agreed, we all get caught up in our crazy, hectic lifestyle but be sure to MAKE the time and invest in yourself. For instance, doing something as easy as taking the steps instead of the elevator or hitting 20 jumping jacks after every client call. Maybe throw in a few stretches to keep those muscles from getting rigid. Here are some reasons backed by science to help us make small changes in your everyday lifestyle:

1. There’s no time like the present

Studies show that most people fail to adopt new habits because they do not understand the structure of habits. More specifically, people forget to reward themselves after having done something beneficial to their own selves. Find a hack to give yourself a little something every time you action a good habit.

Kunal Gir always tells his clients “It’s important to indulge in cheat meals, the only catch being the timing of when one is cheating” One needs to ensure that one doesn’t cheat too soon or too much so to
avoid feeling lazy, bloated, and heavy.

2. Take baby steps

How you do anything is how you do everything - is something our fitness coach, Kunal Gir lives by. Make a change so small that you can say no to it. Don’t try to make change a lot too quickly. Set yourself up by taking small steps daily, if you’re just beginning your journey of fitness, start by walking or jogging for about 30 minutes a day.

3. Muscle Memory

Did you learn how to ride a bike through childhood? Great, now you’ll probably find it easier to get back at it!

Our muscle memory registers certain muscle movements, and these movements can be performed with ease and no conscious effort even after a very long gap.

4. Find an exercise companion

Researchers at the University of Aberdeen have been investigating and reported that finding a new exercise companion increased the number of exercises people took. They also end up exercising more and the frequency of exercises goes up due to emotional support.

Here, the key takeaway is that you enjoy your workout routine more when you do it with someone they know.

5. Follow proper nutrition and diet

A proper nutrition and diet plan makes up for up to 70% of your weight loss goals.

Whether you have plans to shed some kilos or gain some muscle, you should have an ideal diet and nutrition plan. And Steel Gym is here to help you achieve that!

That’s not all as Steel Gym also features an in-house cafeteria that serves up the recommended diet that helps you meet your weight needs.

Final Thoughts

There’s no reason to cultivate the mindset of thinking that a “typical environment” of working out only happens at the gym and you’ll have to wait till month-end, year-end, or the start of the week to enroll yourself.

Find an activity that suits your fitness needs and begin with walking, cycling, and running that makes you enjoy this whole process.

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