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10 ways to complete 10,000 steps without stepping out of living room

posted on Tuesday , November 17
10 ways to complete 10,000 steps without stepping out of living room

It’s no surprise when I say that COVID-19 has hit all of us equally, having hindered our work, lifestyle and our daily routine. Being forced to work from home and stay indoors to fight the pandemic better, we have ended up having a sedentary lifestyle. *yawn* 

For some, it’s gotten worse as the pandemic has hit not just physically, but emotionally and psychologically too. 

Fortunately, there are a few ways we can tackle our distresses better and make the most of the situation from the comforts of our home.

Here are ten ways to inspire you to stay active while staying at home. You don’t have to go all out, try a few things each day. Remember, consistency is key. 

1. Sneak in a few exercises while making your tea/coffee and snacks. Schedule your workout for the day and plan different routines for the week. Perform some yoga asanas and namaste your way into an active, cheerful day.

2. Do 20 lunges/ squats/ burpees during your mini-work breaks. Short bouts of physical activity add up to your active lifestyle and make you.

3. Break into a Bhangra dance particularly when you’re feeling lethargic. Twenty minutes of moving and dancing around can do wonders to your mind and body. Apart from working your muscles from head to toe, it leaves you feeling joyous and full of energy too. Oh, bale bale!

4. Get yourself a skipping rope and do 200 skips a day. It’s a great cardio which spikes the heart rate and gets your body all warm. Another added advantage is it helps us increase stamina and endurance.

5. Contribute in household chores and vacuum/clean the wardrobe or do your dishes. These menial yet important tasks can be life-changing as it keeps you on your toes! And cleaning can be super therapeutic. Give it a go! 

6. Brisk walk for 15 minutes after each meal. Even in short spaces or in the lobby outside your house, in which case - don’t forget your mask!

7. Walk while on your work call or with your loved ones. No matter how long or short a conversation, make it a habit of moving at every chance you get. 

8. Stand up and keep moving. Ensure that your work station is at a higher level or stack a pile of books and place your laptops at a height so you can work even while you’re standing. 

9. Relax, meditate and put on some soothing music. Breathing exercises become a must especially if you’re feeling very stressed out. It helps to kick out the anxiety out of our systems too.

10. Do hip bridges every time your body feels stiff. Sitting on the chair for longer hours while working can lead to disc damage, strained neck and swayed back in the long run. To avoid such problems, perform such stretches and bends every one hour.

These are just a few of the many things you can do to stay Active. For more suggestions and expert opinion, be sure to follow our Instagram page @theofficialsteel and our website.

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