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How to create your home workout plan - A Guide for Beginners

posted on Monday , November 30
How to create your home workout plan - A Guide for Beginners


Drop that packet of chips, stop being a couch potato. 

Work from home has had an impact on your fitness regime and that’s understandable. With limited or no access to a gym, limited equipment at home, and very long working hours, you tend to get slightly demotivated. But, it’s high time we realize that this is the new normal, and we’ve got to embrace it. 

With this blog, you’ll get a sense of motivation and some help on how you can create a simple yet effective workout using ‘equipment’ that’s easily available at home.

3 steps to designing an effective workout :

The First step  - Decide on workdays, stretch days, and rest days. 

The very first thing you’ll do is make a schedule, and make sure you stick to it. 

Working out 5 days a week is ideal. From which you can keep 2 light days and 3 not-so-light days. We’ve made a basic schedule for you below :












Stretch day


Rest day 

Second - Locate anything and everything you can use as equipment. 

If you see a chair in the living room, use it. It’ll come in handy for those tricep dips and other balance workouts.

See a bottle of wine/water? Grab it. You’ll need it for your arms’ workout.

Here’s a list of some other things you could use: 

  1. Workout/Yoga Mat

  2. Packets of rice or beans

  3. A suitcase 

  4. Exercise bands

Third - Identify the areas you want to focus on and the kinds of workout you want to practice.

Are you a bhangra fan? Or do you prefer the good ol’ plank? Maybe you like both? 

One of the good things about home workouts is that you can do whatever you like. Mix up your routine with Dance, weights, freehand exercises, and on a lighter note,  go for walks on your terrace. 

To conclude this, decide and design your home workout basis your preferences. Don’t be too hard on yourself and take a breather for a day or even two to heal during the week. But in case you’re looking for personal training and want to be pushed beyond your comfort zone, join us at the Steel Gym today and start your fitness journey today! 

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