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Can Music improve your Workout?

posted on Wednesday , January 13
Can Music improve your Workout?


Music is widely regarded as entertainment and thus a distraction, but a distraction is exactly what your body needs when you’re pushing yourself to do that last rep. And it’s not just reps, studies show that listening to music increases stamina, making runners and cyclists work harder and go that extra mile.

So how does it work? What exactly is affected? And what are the benefits of listening to music while working out? Let’s examine the facts:

Physical Benefits

  1. Synchronizing with the Beat:
    Studies have shown that by listening to fast-paced music with quick tempos, the body starts to match the rhythm. When the songs start getting fast the muscles begin to subconsciously keep up with them and before you know it, you’re matching the intensity of the song with your own workout.

  2. Releasing Endorphins:
    The combination of music and exercise releases endorphins and reduces adrenaline causing an elevation in mood. It also releases natural painkillers which let your body push past the burn.


Mental Benefits:

  1. More Motivation and Better Mood:
    Many songs have been known to change the mood of a person by motivating them. This motivation comes from a change in emotion as well as a shift in the mental state causing the body to react faster and act sharper. This heightens the five senses and thus through music, the mind is motivated to run faster, lift more and go beyond its limits.


  2. Reduces Anxiety and Stress:
    By reducing stress hormones (like cortisol) and releasing dopamine, music helps relieve you of stress and rids you of a negative state of mind. With your positive thoughts, the body is eased of anxiety and ready to be called to action.


  3. Reduces Fatigue:
    By listening to music the mind’s attention is divided between the workout and the music. This also divides the pain, helping the body to cope during times of fatigue. Thus music acts as a distraction which holds our attention long enough to forget that we’re putting our body through a considerable amount of pain and building muscle mass.


Believe it or not, music does more to ease your mind than your body itself, thus improving your workout regime and helping you lift more. And by soothing your mind and distracting it for long enough, your body will be able to hold any weight put in front of it. However, be sure to remember, “The biggest myth in training is - More is better.” - Kunal Gir. If you truly want to master this art, you need a 360-degree approach to fitness from fitness training, disease prevention & management to stress management and even de-addiction.

Only Steel Gym can provide all these aspects of wellness at the highest quality, so stop reading and start calling us at 95429 99999 to enrol and see for yourself. It’s time to Steel the spotlight and face the music.