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5 best exercises for your Lower Back: Strengthen your back

posted on Wednesday , January 20
5 best exercises for your Lower Back: Strengthen your back

No generation has sat in one place watching television and using our phones for as long as we have which is why we need to exercise the muscles of our lower back. The digital age has got us sitting at our laptops for hours and the pandemic hasn’t helped. Suddenly grandchildren seem to be complaining of the same back pain as their grandparents thus limiting not only their work but also their outdoor activity. Just imagine, if your back is going through all this pain now, what will happen to you when you’re the grandparent?
Keeping this in mind, we’ve decided to tackle this issue by laying out five simple spinal exercises to strengthen the back muscles. These back strengthening exercises will workout your lower back muscles

1) Knee Hug
The knee hug isn’t meant to open out your lower back. The main function of this exercise is to prepare your lower back for the slightly more advanced ones. It’s like stretching before you actually start your workout.
First, lie flat on your back and then slowly bend one of your knees until you can grab it with your hands and lift it towards your chest (as close as you can, don’t hurt yourself).
Hold it there for three seconds and then slowly let it go back down and lift the other leg. Do this for about a minute or 10 reps on each side and you’re good to go.

2) Single Leg Raise
The single-leg raise is where you’re going to start feeling a slight burn in your lower back-hip area. As our co-founder, Kunal Gir says, “The biggest myth in training is - More is better” so be careful not to overexert and do one leg at a time.
Lie flat on your back and raise one leg without bending it and slowly lift it higher. In the beginning, you shouldn’t be lifting it more than two feet of the floor. Make sure your other foot and the rest of your body is on the floor as far as possible. Keep your leg in the air for about 2-3 seconds and do each leg 5-10 times.

3) Leg Windmill / Cycle
Avoid this exercise if you struggled with the last one. It doesn’t sound difficult but works out your abs a little and becomes a small cardio exercise too.
Lie flat on your back and slowly raise both legs while bending them. Instead of bending them into your body keep them away from the body. Then you start cycling in the air with your feet, creating circular round motions. Make sure your hips are on the floor and both your hands are stretched out on either side. This exercise tires people quickly as it requires stamina so don’t worry if you have to stop for a break.

4) Spinal Twist R
This one can be a bit tricky, but if you do it right, it really opens up your back.
Lie flat on the ground, then bend your knees so that they run straight up at a 90-degree angle and make sure your arms are on either side stretched out wide. Then slowly move your head right as you twist your body to move your knees towards the left. Go slowly at first and understand where and when you’re feeling the stretch so you can stretch the other way. Get your knees to rest on the ground when you’re stretching them on each side and when you’re better you can keep them floating right above the ground. Make sure your arms are outstretched and your neck is moving for this exercise.

5) Cobra
Only do this exercise if you are able to do the previous four. If you want you can ease into it but be careful as you do it.
Lie flat on your stomach and let your legs be flat. Put your palms on the floor at shoulder level as you would for a push-up position and then push the upper half of your body of the floor. Essentially it’s like doing a push-up while keeping your legs flat on the ground. You can put your hands at head level, shoulder level or waist level but be sure to do it in that order as waist level is difficult.

These are just some simple back stretches exercises to relieve back pain, they are certainly not permanent solutions. After doing these stretches diligently for a month or two, your back should start improving a little, but when that happens most people think they can stop their stretches. This is wrong. This is the point where you take it to the next level. After stretching out your back, you have to strengthen it, make sure the muscles are strong enough so this never happens again. And we happen to know just the right trainers who can personally assist you and create programs based on your specific needs.
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