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How to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time

posted on Tuesday , January 26
How to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time

There are only two physical results of working out; build muscle and lose fat. When it comes to hitting the gym, you’ll find people who focus on cardio by using the treadmill for hours every day so they can lose weight and people who only hit the weights to make sure they’re the biggest person in the room. Neither is the best way to gain muscle and lose fat.
But life is all about balance, and it is not only possible but also advisable to find that balance by creating a weight loss and muscle gain workout plan. So, how do we do it? Let’s lose some of those old fashioned beliefs and gain some new knowledge by looking at the best way to gain muscle and lose fat.

1) Gaining Muscle:
Muscle size is increased when the body’s muscle is constantly dealing with a form of resistance, like weights. When the muscles are forced to lift weights, the fibres are damaged and the body repairs them by creating layer upon layer thus increasing the size of the muscle. This helps us understand the importance of a rest day. While it’s important to lift weights, it’s also imperative we give them a rest so the body can repair those fibres and your muscles can grow larger. 
We suggest targeting certain muscles by focusing on them for a whole session before giving them two days to rest and heal. During those two days, you can target a different body part thus making sure that one part gets to heal while the other is being worked into action. Pairing this with cardio and aerobic exercises for about 8-12 weeks effectively reduces body and belly fat.

2) Burning Fat:
People always ask how to lose weight and gain muscle, but losing fat and weight are two different things. Losing fat is healthy while losing weight involves reducing fat and reducing muscle mass, as well as other important things that your body needs. To burn fat you must focus on cardio training to get that heart pumping. Studies have shown that cardio and aerobic exercises are directly linked with reducing waist circumference and burning belly fat. 
These include brisk walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, jump rope and basically anything that makes you breathless and increases your heart rate. It is recommended to have about 20-40 minutes of cardio every alternate day but remember, the more cardio you do, the hungry you get. There’s no point burning fat only for you to eat a bag of chips right after, which brings us to our final point.

3) Eating Correctly:
The diet for muscle gain and fat loss is just as important as you’ll find yourself getting hungrier as you workout more. Most beginners will try and deny this and avoid a lean muscular body diet continuing their normal eating habits. As a result, they get hungry between meals and end up eating snacks, chips and fast food.
Make sure you increase the size of your breakfast, lunch and dinner by consuming more protein, fibre and water. Protein speeds up the rate at which muscle fibres are repaired which leads to quicker results while fibre and water will help you feel fuller for longer. Don’t cut down on fruits even though they have sugar. Understand that there are good sugars and fats and there are bad ones. Having fruits occasionally is fine especially if you’re eating them instead of unhealthy snacks. Avoid juices of any kind as well as fizzy drinks.

The most important thing is to avoid starving yourself and to experiment and find healthy alternatives to unhealthy snacks. And while many achieve these things at first, they tend to relax and do not sustain this process which must be continued with dedication and the right mindset. As Kunal Gir says, “don’t keep short term goals which are achievable, you must be able to sustain them”. Losing fat and gaining muscle can be done at the same time, but it requires patience, discipline and most importantly a plan. And that’s where we come in. If you want better, long-lasting results you’ll need a personalised plan set by a professional. 
We at Steel Gym understand the goals of the customer and create customized training routines according to the individual's muscle-building goals. By taking into account various factors such as a person's current health status, body composition, weight, and of course their overall fitness levels we will prepare the perfect training plan for you.
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