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Do you want to prevent your back pain? Improve your back strength and flexibility with these great exercise for lower back. Don't let your back pain keep you down!
posted on Wednesday , January 20
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Music is widely regarded as entertainment and thus a distraction, but a distraction is exactly what your body needs when you’re pushing yourself to do that last rep.
posted on Wednesday , January 13
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Ever wondered why you are constantly told to keep yourself physically active? Historical evidence shows lack of physical inactivity is detrimental to health ...
posted on Tuesday , December 22
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  Drop that packet of chips, stop being a couch potato. 
posted on Monday , November 30
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It’s no surprise when I say that COVID-19 has hit all of us equally, having hindered our work, lifestyle and our daily routine.
posted on Tuesday , November 17
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Time never stops for anyone! We’ve been told this ample times and yet we look for reasons to make the time for our own self!
posted on Tuesday , October 27
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What’s the first thing you did today? Brush...Snooze off the alarm...Check your phone for messages?
posted on Friday , October 16
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