Bust This Weight Lifting Myth for Ideal Muscle Gain

There’s no dearth of fitness tips and suggestions floating around across the online communities these days. But you cannot possibly believe or follow them all. One such fitness myth is that high reps with lower weights can burn the fat and build muscle. Let’s see why this wouldn’t work, why it should be considered a myth, and then learn the ideal alternative.

The False Notion

The common notion amongst many is that high repetitions with lighter weights could cut fat and have your muscle ripped. The first thing to remember here is that your muscle is always as hard as it can be. You may not feel that directly as it is surrounded by the fat. The only thing you can do is improve or build its strength with hard training.

High reps with light weights can do as far as cut that fat surrounding your muscle. Just like a cardio, it does just enough to burn that extra fat. But here’s the catch. You cannot improve your muscle and its strength by this. This is why because lifting lighter weights, even though with high repetitions, signals your body that it is not in need of better muscular structure.

The Right Approach

If you are looking to build a muscular body, do not change or lighten the weights you are lifting. Go for intense workout training with cardio sessions and a good diet regime. Heavy weight training is the only thing that’s going to grow your muscle.

Point to Note

Not every training approach or exercise regime can produce the same results to everyone. The right routine should be customized to the individual’s needs, health, body make-up, and a whole lot of fitness factors. Having a personal trainer to guide you to your fitness goals is the best way to go about it.