Discover the Smart Way to Plan Your Fitness Goals

Are you one of those guys who’s wondering why you are not even close to achieving your fitness goal in spite of all the consistent efforts? Of course, hard work and determination are two crucial factors that drive you towards your fitness goal, but so is SMART planning. In fact, without a smart and efficient workout strategy and training regimen, there is every chance you might not yield the desired results despite all the hard work you put in.

So what constitutes a smart plan for your fitness goal? How should you go about it? Let’s see 5 important aspects which make your planning and regiment

Is Your Goal Specific?

Simply setting goals that are vague or general in nature is not enough. Your fitness goal should be more specific than just ‘I want to be fit’ or ‘I want to be healthier’.  Be it weight loss or gain, be it muscle building or a six-pack, pin down a clearly defined goal so that you have eyes on a certain target. Being vague on your resolution is not a good way to start.

Mini-Goals are Crucial

Your goal might be a big one that involves training for a lot of months. But it shouldn’t just have a starting point and the finishing line. Set some mini-goals like check-points along the way so that your ultimate goal is measurable and you are able to track your progress. This enables you to make slight adjustments to your routine if and when you feel like you’re falling off the track.

Go for Achievable

Some people tend to be over-enthusiastic by setting goals that are quite unachievable within their limits. That is not a recommended move. Especially, if you are a beginner, do not set goals that put too much pressure on you right from the start. You do not want to get demotivated and fall off the wagon immediately. Ensure that your goals are relatively easier to begin with.

Make it Realistic and Feasible

Your planning shouldn’t be at the expense of convenient professional as well as personal life. You should make sure that your workout strategy does not disrupt your regular routine or make it difficult to balance your professional or personal life. Consider your limitations in planning the workouts and ensure a realistic plan that does not involve too much sacrificing on your part.

The Time Factor

Time management is as important as anything in chasing your fitness goal. Don’t try to squeeze everything in the limited time you have. It’s not the end of the world if you can’t achieve your desired goal in a couple of months. But at the same time, you must ensure that you plan your workout sessions in such a way that you are dedicating enough time to them. This involves not only the time to execute the workouts efficiently, but also time for cooling-off and to get re-energized for the next session.

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