Shoulder Injury

Healing Shoulder Injury

An injury most commonly seen in gym goers is shoulder injury, There are a lot of technical reasons, incorrect exercise techniques that cause this particular injury. Whatever the reason may be there are many good rehab exercises that will work and heal most shoulder injuries.

A simple but very effective rehab exercise that will dramatically improve even the most chronic injury is hanging. Just grab a bar, any chin-up bar and simply hang. You need to hang for about 2-3 minutes as long as you can in one stretch and do that on a regular basis every single day.

How is this simple exercise so effective?

When you hang, your shoulder joint gets stretched and when it is stretched your joint releases a lot of synovial fluid. Synovial fluid lubricates your joint and restores the ligament and tendon health. Stretching the ligament and tendons will also create hypertrophy in the tendons and ligaments which is a rare phenomenon. So when we are working out our shoulder, the muscles get stronger, the muscles have hypertrophy but the ligaments and tendons underneath the shoulder muscle which are connecting the delicate shoulder joint, never get worked. But when you hang, they are also  getting get worked and so when you hang long enough, the tendons and ligaments will start increasing their own protein synthesis, and there is increased blood flow and hence healing to that very unaddressed area of your body.

And if you look at humans in an evolutionary sense, we have been primates. We have been hanging off tree branches for the longest time. So our shoulder joint is designed to stretch and hang and it feels very natural. And it feels very therapeutic to that joint when you hang.

So hanging is the exercise that really stretches the shoulder joint and helps it heal, and become stronger and more flexible. So anyone with shoulder injury should start hanging. And if you can’t hang with your entire body weight, just pull down on a lat pulldown bar with some weight on it, and go up gradually and keep increasing the load and the duration as much as you can.

If you do this for a month you will see a dramatic improvement in your shoulder health.

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