Meet Physical Activity – The Ultimate Stress Buster!

We see a majority of people joining a gym or opting for a personal trainer to achieve their physical transformation goals such as weight loss, muscle building, and strength training. Only a few realize that regular physical activity and workout are equally important for mental health and psychological balance as they are for physical fitness. They are considered the genuine and ideal solution for the common problem most working professionals face these days – “Stress”

Exercise – The Stress Solution

Let’s have a look at some quick pointers why exercise is an ideal solution to beat the stress

  •         It produces endorphins in the brain which are the natural pain killers which helps you alleviate the stress
  •         It helps you sleep better which is one important requirement to counter stress
  •         It stabilizes your mood, eliminates negative thoughts, improves self-esteem, and gives you more control.
  •         It helps you easily get rid of anxiety and depression

Get a Good Start to Bust the Stress

If you have already enrolled at a gym or following a disciplined workout routine, then it’s well and good! Just maintain the course and be consistent. If you are a beginner who’s looking for the right start to have a consistent physical activity that can offers you the way to beat the stress, then make sure that you habituate the following routine.

Brisk Walk

A 20 to 30 minute brisk walk every morning is an ideal way to start your physical routine. You can mix it up every now and then with a few minutes of jog and a couple of stretches but do not overdo it.

Consistency > Intensity

Do not make the mistake of going for high intensity workout or long marathons in the weekends and taking a break in the week days. For beginners, consistency is the key rather than intensity. Instead do something enjoyable during the weekends like a family trip outdoors or participate friendly game you love with your friends.

Get a Workout Buddy

Studies show that you have more chances of sticking to a workout or even a simple morning walk routine if you have a partner alongside. It keeps you committed.

Make It Enjoyable

Switch on your favourite music or interesting podcasts on during your workout or morning run. It keeps you energetic and the adrenaline pumping!

Calm Your Senses

Practise at least 10-15 minutes of relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation every day. This ensures that you have a composed mind when you are going for work and ensures better efficiency.