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Another holiday season Christmas and New Year’s is round the corner and that for most people means indulgence in food and drinks, especially a lot of deep fried and sugary foods. Unfortunately a lot of sugar in the system brings on the dreaded heartburn and acidity.  

Acidity is something that many people especially over the age of 30 have been facing for a long time. They also take antacids like Gelusil and Digene on a regular basis thinking it’s okay. But are antacids really ok to take? May be not! All these antacids are only numbing your oesophagus and not fixing the problem . Oesophagus is the channel that connects your mouth to your stomach. So, when you get an acid reflux, that’s the channel that starts feeling the burn and any kind of antacid numbs that channel. So, it’s not doing anything to fix the acidity issue, but it’s just numbing the sensation of pain. So, while you take it, you feel okay and you avoid confronting the real root cause. So, what’s the real root cause? Sugar! If you have too much sugar in your diet, it’s going to cause acidity, no matter what. So cut down on sweets . 

And add vegetables to all your meals.  Vegetables are very alkalizing on the system unlike sugars which are acidic. Even a healthy high protein diet can cause acidity in the absence of vegetables as protein converts into amino acids. It has an acid base.   Even all the good fats you consume like nuts, etc., are converted into fatty acids, they also have an acid base. When you consume acid producing foods, your body is going to become more and more acidic and you need to alkalize it. The best way to do it is to eat more alkalizing foods, like green vegetables.

So when you up your protein intake, you should also up your vegetable intake. Your plate should have 70% vegetables and about 30% of meat or protein. When you do that, you are balancing your ph levels. The ph is basically acid levels in your body. If your pH is too low, you become very acidic. If it’s too high, you become too alkaline. We need to maintain a balance and balance is achieved when you consume vegetables, along with your protein. When you combine these two, your acidity should go down. 

Another tip, worth mentioning here is avoid drinking water with your meals. When you drink a lot of water during meals, it dilutes your stomach acids. Your stomach acid is not able to do its job of breaking down food because it is too diluted with water and your body thinks that it needs more stomach acid and it starts producing more and more stomach acid. This creates the problem with acidity. So don’t drink water with your meals. Wait for at least half hour after your meals to drink water.

Another point to remember is chew your food correctly because chewing will also increase the surface area of the food and allow your mouth to release digestive enzymes to kick start digestion. So chew your food correctly, eat vegetables with your meals and don’t drink water while you eating. And this should take care of your acidity problem to a great extent.

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