Rethink Your Rest Days – 3 Reasons to Exclude Them

If you are a beginner who just wants to be physically active and planning to execute less intense exercises or workouts for general fitness, you can take one rest day a week. But if you do have a serious fitness goal such as fat loss or build some muscle and achieve efficient gains, you might have to rethink having a rest day.

First of all, having no rest day does not mean who will not be getting a deserved break from an intense workout routine. All you need to do is not over-train, plan a perfect workout regimen that will allow you to recover well at the end of the day, and make it safe enough for your body to train the next day.

So, coming to why not having a rest day is crucial, here are 3 important reasons

Efficient Burn

Metabolism is an important process in our body that is crucial for fat burn. When you work out and exercise, the metabolism genes in the muscle fibers are switched on and stay active through the process. When there is a break in that journey, they might need more energy as well as time to reactivate. But if you are consistent with your workout routine on a daily basis, they burn the fat efficiently and ensures quick fat loss.

Great Growth

The aforementioned concept is applicable for the case of quick and efficient muscle growth as well. In order to have ideal protein synthesis which in turn leads to good muscle growth, you need to keep working on a consistent basis.

The Long-Term Benefit

Not having a break day will also ensure that you do not get off-tracked. Sometimes that rest day could turn into two or more. But ensuring that you are working out on a daily basis, you are not only chasing the fitness goal efficiently, but also making your body resistant to the most common as well as chronic health ailments. It ensures a long, happy, and healthy life!

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