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The Common Misconception

Are you one of those guys who believe that eating less would help you lose the unwanted weight and the extra fat? Well, that concept couldn’t be more wrong!

We’d like to introduce a well-known and commonly used phrase now i.e. “Quality over Quantity”. The same can be applied to your average diet plan as well. It is not how much you in take but it’s what you eat that’s ultimately significant.

Steel Nutrition Coaching

Whether you are planning to shed some Kg or gain some muscle, you should have an ideal diet and nutrition plan. And Steel Gym can help you there!

Every food item has a certain characteristic that affects our body in one way or the other. It is essential to carefully choose and include the right items in our dietary plan that positively drives you to your goals.

Our experienced nutrition coaches are well-versed in the functioning of different food items and how well they serve to our fitness purposes. Upon your consultation, based on your weight and fitness goals, our experts will carefully study your body and weight make-up and suggest the best nutrition plan.

Steel Gym also features an in-house cafeteria that serves up the recommended diet that helps you meet your weight needs.

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