Strength Training

Build and Enhance your Strength

Strength” – The fundamental crucial factor for your body for any physical activity. And it is even more essential if you are into sports and are planning to compete at higher levels. It is not only important to acquire or enhance the necessary levels of strength, but also to ensure that you maintain and retain those levels for an extended period of time.
Steel Gym can help you there!

Strength Training vs Muscle Building

Most of the people confuse strength training with muscle training or bodybuilding. But these are two different categories in fitness training. Strength training is focused on activating or enabling your current muscle to endure and sustain the strength while heavy lifting, running, or any other physical activity for longer periods of time. Muscle or bodybuilding is simply focused on increasing the diameter and mass of the muscle with certain pre-defined as well as customized training exercises.

Steel Approach

Strength Training, by simple definition, would majorly focus on improving the performance and efficiency of the body in moving a weight from A to B. Our approach in improving your athletic performance involves a series of training exercises and sessions that are aimed to better the aforementioned efficiency.

Different sports persons would require different levels of strength requirements. We, at Steel Gym, understand your goals and offer Strength Training and further consultation accordingly.

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