Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs Cessation

Looking for a Permanent Change?

  • Are you in search of a healthy and genuine path to recover from tobacco or alcohol addiction?
  • Looking forward to say a permanent good-bye to your drug-addicted life?
  • Do you need to part ways with the unhealthy old life and start fresh and anew?

Steel Gym can assist you there!

The Addiction Effect

For all the damage it does to a person’s health and eventually life, the principle behind it is a simple and uncontrolled craving. Human brain produces a hormone that craves for these drugs, tobacco, or alcohol once they are tasted. But if we are able to satisfy this craving by a replacement of these addictive substances with healthy nutrition and diet, we can definitely fight back the addiction on a permanent level.

A Firm ‘’No’’to Addiction

Steel Gym firmly believes that providing the right food at the right time in right amounts can help you get rid of any kind of addiction completely. Our approach in this regard is based on this very principle.

Upon your consultation with our expert, we will get an idea of the level of your addiction to any drugs or alcohol. We shall then analyse your life style, dietary habits, and daily physical routine. Once we have all the information we needed, the recovery process will be commenced by first preparing a perfect diet plan that includes the nutrients your body is currently deficient in along with the amino acids that are essential for enhanced functioning of your brain. These amino acids are also known to have great role in reducing e-addiction.

Ready to start a refreshed and rejuvenated life? Consult Steel Gym now for Addiction Cessation solutions.

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