Weight Management Programs

Numbers – Enlightening or Deceptive?

When it comes to weight, same numbers can tell different stories! Perplexed? Let us clear the confusion with an example.

A person with a weight of 100 kgs can either be very fit or fat. A body of 100 Kgs can either contain 50% fat and 50% muscle or 10% fat and 90% muscle. As you can guess, your body is much better off it it’s the latter case. Lesson learnt: Do not come to a conclusion just by the weight number!

Are you on the search for the ideal weight management technique that transforms you from fat to fit? If yes, then Steel Gym is your right destination.

Weight Management – Steel Approach

As mentioned above, it is not right to come to a conclusion based on just the weight and straight away go for the procedures to increase or decrease the weight. Our approach in ensuring ideal weight management for you commences with a full body composition analysis that gives us an idea of the percentage of muscle and fat in your body. Our experts will then prepare the regimen to achieve the perfect weight management goals.

This includes

  • Customized physical training exercises
  • Personalized diet and nutrition plan Suggestions on life style changes
  • Incorporation of new healthy habits in your daily routine
  • Regular improvement and performance tracking

The physical training, exercise techniques, and the diet plan we suggest are primarily intended to achieve the ideal weight levels by losing the fat and gaining optimum muscle. We ensure that these goals are met with great accuracy and discipline.

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No Gain with Re-Gain!

We observe that a significant number of individuals, as high as 90% of them, after toiling hard to lose the extra weight gain it back shortly afterwards! This can happen with the false assumption that you will not gain the lost weight and thereby losing the essential physical routine discipline you need to follow.

Prevent the Relapse – Consult Us

Steel Gym offers counselling and solution not only to shed that extra weight, but also to maintain the acquired fitness levels and manage your weight consistently for a long time. Consult our experts today!