Badar Alam Khan Body Toning Success Stories

When Badar Alam Khan first started approached Kunal for a body transformation, he was hardly eating two meals a day and was running ten kilometers every day! Despite this, he was unable to burn fat. He had already attempted training at various gyms across Mumbai and Hyderabad. However, most of the trainers he had approached insisted on a unhealthy cocktail of fat burners, pre workout drinks and so on, which affected him badly, even resulting in him experiencing anxiety attacks. All this and yet, no results.

When Badar Alam finally approached to Kunal, he had made it very clear that he was not ready to take any supplements, even not as much as a multi-vitamin. Kunal crafted an approach for him that excluded any and all supplements, even asking him to quit coffee. Unbelievably, four months later, Badar was able to achieve the physique he wanted. Encouraged by the positive results, he continues to train at Steel and not just that, his inspiration has led to his three brothers joining at Steel as well!