Laxman Reddy Body Building Success Story

Laxman Reddy is a competitive bodybuilder. He was first introduced to Kunal to buy supplements. When Kunal was training Rana Daggubati for an outdoor shoot in Italy, Laxman had called Kunal. He had gotten selected for Musclemania, a high profile bodybuilding event held at Las Vegas. He wanted Kunal to help him get ripped and stage ready in three months.

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. The pictures above clearly show how well the Kunal’s transformation plan worked for Laxman, despite being such a short term program. Laxman won first in his division, which gave him tremendous recognition in Hyderabad. Thereafter, he was able to start his own successful personal training business. Infact, he currently trains actor Prabhas, a famous Tollywood actor.

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