Saurabh Khetan Body Toning Success Story

Saurabh Khetan is a businessman who had come to Hyderabad to setup a factory. During his trip, he had gotten to witness Kunal training his clients. Impressed by the skill and finesse with which Kunal trained, Saurabh was keen to train with him as well. However, Saurabh only had three months to accomplish his goal. In addition, Saurabh is a vegetarian, which made the task even more challenging., protein shakes proved vastly helpful to work around his situation.

Saurabh’s own dedication was a huge factor, as well. Infact, when he had to travel to Singapore on a business assignment, he was committed to his diet, by only consuming protein shakes for 7 days straight! Of course, this is not recommended for everyone, but Saurabh had to work around his dietary restrictions to ensure that he was getting his required protein. Saurabh now stays in Mumbai and still swears by Kunal’s training methods and advice.