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Steel Gym’s Value Proposition

Certified Trainers

Learn the perfect ways to work out from our most accredited and immensely experienced trainers. Weight loss, strength training, functional training or bodybuilding, you name it, we’ve got just the specialist for you.

Customised Fitness

Everyone has a different reason to workout or train. Whether it is shaping up your body, recovering from an injury or just taking your workouts to the next level, we have workout plans best suited to your needs and your schedule.

State-of-the-art Equipment

A well maintained and superior equipment at your disposal to workout and train is always a great plus. Steel has some of the best and in demand training and exercise equipment, you can find.

12,000 Sq.Ft Workout Area

A Spacious, Dynamic and Vibrant ambience so much more motivating to workout. Steel is built across a sprawling 12,000 Sqft of well illuminated and well-maintained space just for you.

Zero Grievance

As of today, Steel has garnered the success and following only with the sheer dedication towards customer satisfaction. Our pride is in the fact that we do not have a single patron who not satisfied.

Exclusive Cafeteria

Diet and workout go hand in hand. Steel has an exclusive and nutrition-oriented cafeteria providing some of the most right, refreshing and rich foods and beverages in the right combinations that will restore balance, enhance your ability to heal, and energise you.