Will Intense Work-Out Counterbalance Binge Eating? Discover!

It is a question posed by many and the routine tried by many. But ideally, can you eat all that you want and succeed in burning it off completely? Before learning the answer, we have to consider certain aspects of our body functioning, digestion and the physics of it, to see if this theory can be feasible. Let’s dig deep into it.

The Intake and the In-Equation

How much can you theoretically intake in a single take? Kunal Gir, the celebrity fitness trainer and the founder of Steel Gym, says that normally a person can consume a maximum of about 5000-10000 calories of food. He also reveals a simple in-equation that will give us a clear idea of whether we can burn all that food in a single workout session. Here we go.

Rate at which body assimilates and stores food (fat) > Rate at which we can burn fat in one workout session

The Explanation

Our body will have a certain amount of fat cells that store fat to begin with. When you go on a binge diet, these fat cells cannot accommodate all of the food as the amount is beyond their capacity to store. But that does not mean they stop at storing fat. To assimilate the excess fat, they start to multiply!

The ‘Excess’ Problem

Let’s say you have 100 fat cells initially. When you eat more than these can store, they multiply and increase their count to 140 or 150. You can later workout hard, go on a strict diet, and deprive the additional fat cells of food or fat in order to make them shrink. But the important thing to note is they will not simply disappear. They will still linger in your body.

The presence of these excess fat cells controls your Endocrine system. This triggers certain hormonal messages that will increase your appetite and makes you less satisfied with ideal meal amount. You will constantly feel craving for food.

The Answer

If you go on a binge diet, these excess fat cells makes it tougher for you the next time you want to get fitter.

So, the answer is NO!

It is absolutely wrong to think that you can burn it off with a strict diet later or an intense workout. Always intake ideal amounts of food that goes with your workout session.

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